We Integrate Social Media Monitoring and Market Research

Turning Opinion and Analytics into Insight and Action


We help you keep on top of shifts in opinion by examining social media posts and online commentary.


We analyze the huge volume of data we collect, thoroughly examine it, and distill the most relevant trends and findings in easy-to-read graphics and custom designed interactive dashboards.


We create insightful reports and online briefings to ensure our clients can respond to shifts in opinion and sentiment immediately.


We highlight important trends and developments to spur action by helping our clients hone their message, target their audience, and pinpoint how to build engagement.


A strategic research consulting company founded in Canada, now extending our network throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East. We integrate the best polling techniques with social media monitoring to enable our clients to manage and build effective engagement strategies



  • Analyze public opinion
  • Explore consumer insights
  • Develop communications initiatives
  • Assess audience engagement efforts
  • Improve brand positioning and messaging
  • Develop and assess social media outreach campaigns
  • We design and analyze public opinion and market research surveys, using the most appropriate and cost effective techniques, from online surveys to live calling telephone interviews and onsite intercept surveys.
  • We facilitate executive interviews and conduct focus groups to evaluate communications campaigns.
  • We analyze complex data bases to reveal relevant insights from Big Data.
  • We help with speech writing and campaign strategy.
  • We specialize in preparing and delivering media releases and making media appearances.


  • We track online conversations in real time for specific topics and companies
  • Monitor changes in volume, sentiment and sharing
  • Categorize the tone and nature of conversations
  • Assess the impact of key influencers


We synthesize the vast volume of data that our system collects into easy to understand reports that are designed to quickly inform decision making


We pinpoint the most relevant content, messages and influencers you need to reach


Providing the best of both worlds

Integrating scientific insights from market research with new social media metrics to give you a complete understanding of who wants what, and why, in real time, and applying it to your business challenges

  • PUBLIC OPINION POLLING | Asking unbiased questions based on a scientific sample

  • BUSINESS INSIGHTS¬† |¬† Our experts have the business and media experience to apply the insights we glean from social media and market research to meet your challenges.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING | Tracking online conversations on any platform in real time